Tuesday, June 13, 2006


How awesome is surprise mail????? It gives me warm fuzzies to think that someone is thinking of me :)
Before I show you the goodies remember the orange and yellow yarn I dyed?? My first dyeing with koolaid and easter egg dye??? I finally skeined it up, same time I did my dyeorama pals and look! How yummy is that? I really like it! I'm calling it Florida Orange!
There will be more on what I dyed for my pal once I hear from them.

Sockies was in on the action when I opened the box that arrived for me. Head right in the box!
There was something for HER! Two fluffy balls rolled in CAT NIP! Well she took one and off she went to like it! They are a new favourite!

Also in the box arrived a bright bright hand dyed yarn! One I had been admiring!

Chris from Stumbling over Chaos sent me a surprise of some yarn she dyed. A very Chaos Chocolate bar, a cd of silly songs and the present for sockies! How rocking is that???

Thank you thank you Chris! YOu rock!


Chris said...

You're very welcome!! Glad you and Sockies are enjoying the package. Maybe she'll think better of Chaos now. ;)

Laura said...

What a fun package that Chris sent you! And great colorful yarn too - it's perfectly *YOU*! Your Florida Orange yarn looks so great reskeined - isn't it amazing the difference that makes? Have you swatched it yet?

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhh gorgeous yarns!! all of them!!

irishmama said...

What a great package,the yarn looks great. I love the Florida Orange yarn, the colors are great