Friday, May 05, 2006

Joining up!

I've signed up for the Psock KAL
I did a whole repeat section on it today so its coming along nicely
I'm getting used to the pattern now and its going faster.
Did I mention before how much I LOVE this Amy Boogie yarn?
Go buy some Spunky Electic. Its varigated yet i'm getting purple
and blue stripes as well. FANNNNNNNNNNTASTIC!

I also joined Amazing Lace. The idea is to knit a lace project through the summer until labour day. While knitting your project there will be challenges and tasks you have to complete. Its going to be lots of fun! Go check it out at Rachael's blog.

I've really gotta get some WIP's finished as I have too much on the go and some new things coming :) I've also got some dyeing to do. An update on that later!


Laura said...

No - no Poms for me. I have some now from my sock pal so I never have to knit it. I was so afraid I would be sucked in by peer pressure (seeing pretty Poms on people's blogs) but they just make me think too much of Jaywalkers and I swear that gives me NIGHTMARES!!!!

I joined the Amazing Lace too!! what are you going to knit for it? I haven't decided.

Chris said...

Your P sock is lovely!! I'll probably join the Amazing Lace, too. I just need to get some time to stop and actually think about it!