Monday, May 15, 2006

Progress progress progress!

I've been getting quite a bit of knitting done in the past few days. I've turned the heel on the second stripe sock. Mostly I've been taking my projects in the truck and working on them during our travel time. Its weird though, I can't read in the car at all and before I couldn't knit either but now it doesn't seem to bother me. I can happily knit away and not get nausea! YAY for me!

That's another shot of my bedroom wall :)
Yesterday on our way to and from seeing Moose's mum I got another whole pattern repeat done and the heel started. It was fantastic to just knit travelling. Usually I'm thinking about when I'm going to beable to squeeze in a row or two when i get home.
Lastly I went to a beading class tonight at work and made this bracelet and earrings. Pretty dang impressed I was, and I'm finally getting the hang of the loop making. I'm excited for the next one.
Short post for tonight, I've got lots pics for you to see tomorrow though.
*sings* The needles, the needles are caaalling! *sung to tune of Danny Boy*


irishmama said...

The bracelet and earrings are beautiful. I love the socks.

Laura said...

Oh I like the beading job you did and your Pom is looking SOOO so so nice. What yarn did you say you're using for that?

Becky said...

That is fabulous jewelry you made. I look forward to seeing your next creation.

Chris said...

Wow, you made those?! Coolness.

Your socks are looking great - lucky you to be able to knit in the car. I still get queasy. :(

The Crafty Weasel said...

Wow, I'm impressed as well! Gorgeous jewelry set you made!