Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Monster Madness Pics

** I never noticed before but if you click on the pics it makes them bigger and better to see**

As promised pictures from Monster trucks!

Here's me with Monster Patrol, this was the only actual real TRUCK body. They had the back lined with seats and charged $5 for a ride in it. They made an insane amount of money that day and they only went around half the arena twice! NUTS I SAY NUTS! *it looks like I'm holding a cigarette in that picture but let the record show that its mearly they light in front of the back wheel and I do not partake in that habit :) *
This was another ACTUAL truck that was just there for show and at the pit party. Pretty awesome paint job though!
And here is the wheelie round..... don't worry you didn't miss out on the other rounds because THEY ALL LOOKED LIKE THIS!!!
We had some time to kill between the pit party and the actual show so we went to Tim's for dinner. We chose the bar top table against the window because Moose likes to People watch. Its not a very good picture but I spyed a cute little pom wearing a knit sweater that I had to capture on camera! She was styling!


irishmama said...

I like the pictures, they really are "monster Trucks". I can see the pink sweater on the dog.

Chris said...

Dang, those trucks are just crazy big, aren't they?! People watching is excelletn. :)

Bridget said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for your complement on my Pomatomus Socks. As to your question on repeating the middle part of the instep twice, I think you should have enough stitches to do it. How many do you have or how many are you short? You should have 36 stitches to start the instep. Write me back if you want at fidelisgreyhounds at comcast dot net. There is also a board on Knitty where you can ask questions on their patterns.
PS. Funny you like monster trucks, I work with a women who likes them too.

Becky said...

I never realized how big those things are ("monster" is so appropriate!) until I saw this picture of you standing next to that ENORMOUS TIRE. Goodness. How totally cool!

Kelly said...

I think I can make out a pink sweater. Looks like a good time at Monster Trucks. Those trucks do seem to have a strange gravitational pull to them.