Saturday, May 13, 2006

Long time no see!

Hello Hello! I know i've been MIA all this week but its been work and then coming home to work on a house project so there's just been no time to post. But here I am back at it, for a few minutes anyway :) We are going 4 wheeling today!! As you can see from the picture below *taken only moments ago* its perfect wheeling weather. I almost forgot that I get to take my OWN bike today..... was thinking I'd be sitting on the back of Moose's but NOOOOO the green machine is out and ready for action!
I'm sure by now you're all drooling at the picture below. The new best friend to my spring green sock yarn I dyed is none other than APPLETINI! *Yes yes I broke down and bought her.* I couldn't resist, when Scout mentioned she had two new skeins of her just waiting to be bought I new one would be coming to live with me. I kept thinking about Appletini alllll day before I finally caved and bought it :) Let me tell you Scout's yarn is every bit as yummy as it looks. It smells yummy, the colours are yummy and heck its going to be super yummy to knit with. I'm just waiting now until I see that perfect Appletini sock pattern so I can cast on.

I bought some Acid Dye's from work last week and thought I'd give acid dyeing a trying seeing how everyone's is turning out soooo fabulous. Well lets just say mine was NOT so fabulous! IT WAS HORRIFIC! I used 2 teaspooons of dye and mixed with 1 teaspoon of vinegar and some water and started painting. It all looked like it was going well but when I got up the next morning the colours were sooooo BLAH!!! All faded, and the yarn was hard and crusty?????? WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING WRONG???? Moose said I had too much water for one but too much water wouldn't make it crusty! Good thing I just used a few strands of yarn to test it out. No one seems to know how much dye etc they use but if you can tell by what I used that I'm using too much or too little of something pllllllease tell me! I'd like to get this right. Then to make matters worse Appletini came the next day................ That oh so perfect yarn and perfect colours and perfect NON crusty yarn *sighs* Oh Scout if only I could dye like you!

Ok so we are finally done the house project we've currently been working on. Check it out!
This is our bedroom. I swear Lolly is following our paint pallet for Project Spectrum because EVERY room seems to fall into the right colour category! So for the bedroom we painted green. I don't remember the exact name of the chip but its perfect. The camera didn't do a very good job of capturing the colour but its brighter than what you see here. You also can't see the white trim, baseboard, door trim and windowsill..... well actually you can see a little bit of it in between the tall boy and the dresser in the first picture. The crown moulding ledge is from Pottery Barn, as well as my duvet cover. I looooooove Pottery Barn! I plan on actually lowering the Crown moulding a bit and adding some art to it but I haven't found the right thing yet. I also have a oil painting in the frame shop at work getting framed that will match the furniture. I also plan on getting some proper lamps and a few other odds and ends but hey a finished constructual room is a dang good start!

As for knitting news I've basically only been knitting in the truck on the way to different places so the second stripe sock is getting worked on but other than that I'm VERY behind. I need to get my butt in gear and pull out that second star sweater and finish it. Maybe on sunday while i'm watching Coronation Street.
Hope you all have a great day! I'll be cruising the trails if you need me :)


Chris said...

Your bedroom looks great! And lucky you - that Appletini looks fun!

What brand of dyes did you get? I'm trying to think what would cause crusty and faded...

Becky said...

That appletini lives up to its name. What a great shade of apple green!

irishmama said...

Love your bedroom. Appletina looks great and I love the green in your wool.Some of the things you get brought over from Ireland: Crunchies, Flakes, Brown Sauce, Minstrels, Maltesers, Lucozade and this it to name just a few.

Laura said...

Hm. Crunchy yarn? Ew. Sounds like maybe the fibers were somehow damaged in the processing? Weird.

Love your bedroom colors - so pretty! I think I like your whole house! heh

The Appletini is a great color - one of my favorite colors she has!