Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Lately it seems that every project I pick up has something frustrating me! Every project I have on the go right now is stopped dead in their tracks.
I am on the toe decrease for the second stripe sock and I of course RAN OUT OF YARN! Yup go figure if anything bad could happen it would happen to me! I'm stuck on the top of the foot on my Psock. I can't seem to get the pattern to work out so have asked for some help from a fellow Psocker. Dyeing............. I'm not even going to GO there at the minute. I wanted to start my Butterfly for the Amazing lace but don't have the beads DANG! I started Calum's cable sweater but its not something I really want to knit right now so its going pretty slow. I want to get another pair of socks on the go, the ones for Nanny but my two pairs of needles are occupied right now with those dang socks that I'm currently stuck on!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I think I need to haul down another building or something!

I'm sure your all wondering how Monster Trucks was. Well I could lie and say it was great yadda yadda but since I'm frustrated enough at the minute I may as well ramble on some more. If you don't want to hear me ramble feel free to skip to the next part :)
Well the trucks themselves were pretty cool. Moose was telling me before we went that they weren't actually trucks they were toys put together to look like trucks but I didn't really understand until I saw them. Its a giant mass of parts and on top is the shape of a truck shell but its made of fiberglass all one piece. Anyway seeing them at the pit party was pretty neat! I got some pics. Now the actual show was less than thrilling. The monster trucks did 3 events! The wheely contest, the race, and something else but to sum it all up in on go, the wheel the race and whatever else they did all LOOKED THE SAME. In every contest they all jumped over 3 cars and smushed them. Just forwards mind you. There was no going backwards or sideways just over and over again on top of these trucks. Oh yes and I remember the last competition was the free style.............. what was their free style you may ask????? Well jumping over 3 DANG TRUCKS OF COURSE! OH I was soooo ticked! Its a good thing the tickets were only 10 bucks cause I would have been demanding my money back. Now the show was NOT what I recall watching on tv AT ALL! Moose says the good ones are usually outdoors and the trucks are even bigger.
So in a nutshell the Monster trucks was a big FLOP! but at least I got to see them. I'm glad for that.
I'll post some pictures later on today from the show and have some other things to show you.


Chris said...

Sounds like a pain in the a** weekend all around! Sorry to hear that. :(

Laura said...

Aww. Sorry the Monster Truck show was disappointing. At least now you've been.

The dyeing... um. Our biggest "failures" are usually the ones that other people love the MOST!

Running out of yarn. OMG. I would want to die. Or rip the needles out and throw them out the window. Or at least banish them to the bottom of the WIP basket.

Just think - Monday is over - couldn't get worse now, right? :)

trek said...

Boo! How about some massive sympathy from here at chez trek? Have you thought about frogging the first sock so you have enough yarn for both feet and then doing contrasting toes?

irishmama said...

That happened me with my jaywalkers, and then LYS did'nt have any more of the color. OOOH I was so mad, so I had to redo both socks and make them shorter. Thats why Jaywalkers will never be done again. Sorry Monster Madness was.nt that good.