Wednesday, May 17, 2006

weekend adventure!

Saturday Moose, moose's brother and I headed out for a day on the bikes. It was an awesome day out, sunshining and gorgeous blue sky. I was thinking yup another day on the bikes were I get to drive a bit and then sit on the back.......... then it hit me. THE GREEN MACHINE!! I totally forgot I had my own bike and would be cruising solo today yipeee!!!!!
I love love love my bike, its sooo peppy and turns on a dime. Moose and his bro's bikes are alot heavier and bigger than mine so when they get into a tight spot they have to reverse, backup and then put it in drive again BUT NOT THE GREEN MACHINE! He turns on a dime and away I go. I find it quite comical me whizzing away while they are still turning muhahaha
Anyway we went to the trails and found out how to get to St, Martins which is a little waterfront town thats a popular camping spot in the summer. We found a picnic table and stopped for a snack there before heding back on the trails again. This time we ended uo finding a stream and biked up that overall the slippery rocks. I got hung up on a few rocks a couple of times because I'm so low compared to the others but with some rocking I managed to get free. On the way back to the truck we swung by StoneyBrook lodge. Stoneybrook is a very popular place for snowmobilers and bikers as its right off the main trail. They have a restaurant, nice little pond area with paddle boat and cabins if you feel the need to stay overnight. Stoneybrook also has a great lookout spot called Wee Peak with great views of the surrounding areas. All in all it was a great day, and ride. Of course if you know anything about our 4 wheeler trips with Moose's brother you'd know that we never go on a trip without something bad happening. At least thats the trend since we got the bikes. So saturday's event was that when we got back to the truck and trailer someone had stolen our RAMPS!!! These are what we use to load the bikes on the truck and trailer. Of course everyone was ticked off after that. I just don't get stealers! Someone works hard to accumulate the money to buy something and they think they can just walk away with it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I'll leave you with some pics from saturday!

This is stoneybrook. The restaurant is the farthest building on the right. The one directly in front and to the right all cabins.
Heere we are in the stream.
This is moose and I when we stopped in St.Martin's to eat!


Chris said...

Look at how cute you two are!

That sucks about the ramps. Sheesh.

irishmama said...

Looks like you had a great time. Sorry about the ramps.

Laura said...

Aww great picture of you two. Saturday I got a major sunburn and certainly wasn't wearing a jacket!! It looks like you had a lot of fun. :)