Saturday, May 06, 2006

Whats wet and green and smells like Vinegar???

Why its dyed yarn of course! Dyed with Wilton gel's leaf green. It now smells like koukaburra woolwash but the vinegar still lingers in the kitchen. Its a little blotchy but it was my first time with the wilton so I didn't want the colour coming out too dark. I'm happy with it and they are going to make some cute lace socks.
Another soon to be green project! I picked up a cat grass kit for Sockies last weekend and tonight we have 3 little blades growing!! See the one in the bottom left hand corner?? Hang on Sockies your grass is coming!

*Ummm mum??? You think HE'S funny??? HE'S GOT HIS HEAD IN A BAG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!* Some of us will stoop to any level to get noticed! HUMPH!

* I don't get these humans!*

** In case you don't know that's the crazy Chaos.

I've been missing L at work the past few days. She's really sick. She got blood tests done with no results yet but they are pretty sure its something from when she was in Mexico :(
She's in alot of pain and can't keep anything down. Poor L I wish there was something I could do for her. Keep her in your thoughts!


Chris said...

Oh, that is TOO FUNNY with Sockies watching Chaos. Cute!

Your yarn looks good! I dyed some yarn today and Jeanne and I are dyeing more tomorrow - we'll have to get some pictures while we're doing it. It's easier with two people.

Poor L! That sounds HORRIBLE. Hope they figure out what it is very soon.

Laura said...

Aww poor *L*. That is seriously SO common when people visit Mexico.

Can't wait to see your yarn reskeined and knit up!!

Annarella said...

The grass kit looks so exciting, keeping my fingers crossed for you that it won't be too long :)


irishmama said...

The yarn looks great, Sockies looks really into reading about Chaos