Thursday, February 16, 2006

One Down!

Well I have one down and started working on the second at work. Good thing too, mum and dad are coming down tomorrow night so I'll get her to try it on before I kitchener the toe to make sure it fits, I think I might have to make it a little longer, they fit me perfectly though :) I used 2x2 ribbing on the foot and then the top is plain, they may look a little odd but hey you won't beable to see the the top when you have jeans on so it will all work out.
I didn't get my yarn ordered in time for the Knitting Olympics so I had to step back and become a cheering committee for the rest. Everyone seems to be doing a great job! Cara's got some rocking mittens on the go, personalized and everything! She is making fair isle look soooo easy I think I might have to give it a go. I came across this website yesterday while looking at Grumperina's odessa reader knits. Linda has made me LOVE the odessa pattern after I saw her rendition and colour choice.........oooooooooohhhhhhh I think i'm gonna have to knit that!
Now if you'll refer to the first picture on my post, this was found INSIDE my skein of sock yarn, I have two skeins and found one in each......... I may just be being stupid but WHAT THE HECK is it for??? I'm assuming to sew it up??? I don't need to sew up socks.............. HELP! Stupid Alert! Someone help me!


Laura said...

Those socks look great! Has anyone told you yet that the thread is some kind of reinforcement thread to carry along when you're knitting the heel of your sock? I've seen it mentioned in sock books and on retail web sites before but have never used it myself.

Kelly said...

BLAST! no I didn't realize it was a reinforcement for the heel....... Mum will have UNreinforced socks *if thats even a word* ahhhh I suppose I can always use it again!
Thanks Laura!