Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm in loooooooooooove......

Pattern: Started off as Four stitch ribbing patterns *double moss stitch* from Sensational Knitted Socks, turned out to be my own creation
Yarn: Lang Jawoll 83 superwash
Needles: dpns US size 1's
Cast on: Feb 8th 2006
Cast off:Feb 25th 2006
Notes: I love this yarn except for the fact that you couldn't see the double moss stitch through the variegation so they ended up being pretty plain. They look wrinkly around the ankles but they will fit mum perfectly!

I really love these socks on. The yarn is a lot softer than the Regia that I used. I find the Regia quite stiff and rough so I don't think I'll be using it again but I'd definitely use the Lang Jawoll, I'd love to keep these for myself but that's just not the cast. There will be plenty more socks where these came from, I'm really glad I gave sock knitting another try.
While checking out some blogs today I came across Kathy's newest post aka Grumperina and got sooooooo excited!!! I'm IN LOOVE WITH HER NEWEST PROJECT!!!
She's doing Norwegian stockings aka KNEE SOCKS!!! A little background to help you understand my excitement. We HAD to wear knee socks to school when i was young, the whole uniform thing which i loved! So after school I think i was sooo used to wearing them that now that's what I look for in the store. Knee socks all the way baby, warmest things ever! So I've been trying to find a pattern for some and low and behold there are some FAIR ISLE ones *which after seeing how quickly cara did her mittens made me want to give them a go* which I think will be just perfect for me! Check them out !

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Chris said...

Your socks turned out well! Wow, you're going to try the no-pattern Fair Isle socks?! Knit on boldly. :)