Saturday, February 25, 2006


PROJECT SPECTRUM!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT IT WAS ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY!!! If it wasn't for Lolly's post this morning showing all the goodies she is planning to create I would certainly be in a pickle!
March is Pink/Red so I've been trying to rack my brains to see if I even HAVE any pink or red yarn or what I could create that could be Pink/Red. The fact that my birthday is fastly approaching could have been the distraction that made me forget. Moose has been secret squirreling on the computer the last 2 nights about my birthda present. I ALWAYS figure out what he's getting me but this year I"m really not sure. There is an envelope with my name on it sitting on the table teasing me and I just REEEEEALLY want to know what the heck is in it! I thought maybe he was taking me to Bangor to eat at IHOP!!! because I ADOOOOOOOOOOORE IHOP and have been dreaming about it ever since me got back from Portland but I don't really think thats it. Then last night he was talking about the cost of Willie Nelson tickets so I figured he was on the boxoffice website buying tickets for that but I checked and there is nothing on there that I can see that he would take me to or that I'd want to see, other than good ole Willie but I doubt he'd been that dumb and blurt out about him if he was taking me there. HUMMMMMM HELP ME!!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!



Chris said...

:( I can't read this post - not enough contrast between your background and the green...

Kelly said...

lol sorry!!!
How's that??

Chris said...

Much better, thanks. :)

Happy early birthday!! Do you knit socks? I just saw some stunning pink and red sock yarn (that would work for a scarf, too).