Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In need of Hibernation!

So not only yesterday did I get my tickets to see Tim and Faith but I also received my Rowan yarn to make the sweaters for the twins! YAY!
I was figuring well I ordered ten balls they will be coming in a box and I'll probably have to drive into town to the post office to get is cause it prob won't fit in the mail box but when I got home from work last night I found this neat little package with all ten balls wrapped up oh so pretty. So I got 10 balls of Rowan cotton Glace, 4 in pier, 4 in shoot and 2 in ecru. The pattern for the sweater is on the cover of adorable knits for tots *and talk about adorable, i'd been eyeing this book for a while at work and finally got it. I'm not making 2 identical sweaters, for a change I thought I would reverse the green and blue for the second twin. We'll see how it goes.
I started on Nanny's socks......... which are getting frogged right back to the ribbing because I messed something up and I think i'd just be better off to start over. They are from my Sensational Knitted socks book *man I love that book* and I got some almost periwinkle blu Opal for these. I didn't think she would appreciate multicoloured stripes :)

There are sooo many things I want to do tonight, start a sweater, frog and knit on my sock, add more pics to my gallery of FO's but all I really feel like doing is having a nap. I've been running ragged with closing 3 nights in a row this weekend and then in first thing this morning. It ends up being 8 days straight before I get a day off........... I'm ohhh so looking forward to friday. But tonight I think i'll nap, or try to nap, or maybe knit WHO KNOWS! Only time will tell.


Laura said...

Kelly! I'm just now catching up - the pancakes - twin sweaters - TIM & FAITH!! Yay for everything and happy happy birthday to you! I hope it's the best birthday ever! What an awesome husband you have surprising you that way with the tickets taunting you in the envelope for days. hehe Lucky girl. June isn't as far off as you think! :) Have fun with Project Spectrum - I'm having a blast thinking of what to make and do. Are you in the postcard swap? I'm swapping with a girl from Sweden! isn't that cool? :)

Chris said...

Oh, that is a cute cute sweater! I love the Sensational Knitted Socks book, too - just have to make it through some baby knitting and some gift sock knitting and then hopefully I'll be able to knit something fun for me!

Hope you got in a nap and were revitalized!

Becky said...

I love, love, love how the colors in that Rowan Glace look together. What a great pair of sweaters; I can't wait to see them finished!

elizabooth said...

I have this book (though I have yet to actually make anything out of it) and I love that little sweater. I think matching twin sweaters with reverse colours would be lovely. You're making me want to dig the book out and make something now -- maybe the pirate sweater -- I think it's kind of like the one you're making but with a smiling skull and crossbones.