Thursday, February 16, 2006



Well the Jaywalker KAL is finally complete! I had no problems completing my Jaywalkers in time. I think I had 2 weeks left in the KAL and I was done! WOOT WOOT!
The winner of the STR have been announced! Congrats to everyone that won and took part, it was great to see the different sock yarns and ways they were used. Incase you didn't get to see my BEAUTIFUL socks *grins* here they are in all their glory!

Pattern : Grumperina's Jaywalkers
Cast on: January 7th
Cast off :January 26th
Yarn:Patons Kroy colourway funky stripes
Needles: US size 0 double pointed
Notes: It only took 5 days to finish sock one, but I kind of slowed down during number 2. I think I will try the larger size next time, although I do have small feet it seemed to be quite tight around the top of my foot... unless it was just the yarn i was using!


Lolly said...

Hey! I followed the link to your new blog, and it looks great!

Love the Jaywalkers! I will change your link in the Project Spectrum list.

Chris said...

Love your Jaywalkers - they look like spring....