Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Branching out!

Well blast! I don't know how I managed to get that picture in between the earring shots but anyway I've been thinking of branching out and trying Jewellery and yesterday at work I found the perfect findings for chandelier earrings I wanted to make so last night I took the plunge. Not to shabby for my first attempt me thinks. This could definately be a possiblity for project spectrum ideas! At work we are going to beable to take all the classes we offer for free on sunday nights so I think beading will be on my list, and maybe i'll develop some skill at this.
Now the picture thats in between is the meme thats going around of what you see from your front door. We had snow yesterday so this is what I saw this morning! Its a beautiful sunny day, not cold at all with a fluffy snow blanket covering the garden! :) The down side to the snow yesterday is that it was white out conditions on the highway and there ended up being a 15 car pile up not far from here. Moose got the call and was there for a quite a few hours. Vehicles were wrote off and lots of people injured. NOT GOOD! SLOW DOWN ON SNOW COVERED ROADS PEOPLE!

Knitting news! I'm still on that dang sock.... I'm thinking its never ending. I do hope to have it finished today though. Cricket Cove my LYS has a knit therapy session every wednesday from 1:30-3:30. This will be the first time I'll beable to go so I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea from their cafe, knitting with OTHER PEOPLE *thats almost unheard of for me* (alas I wish I had knitter friends) and finishing up those socks! I'm also still waiting for my yarn so I can cast on for the twins sweaters and hopefully get them finished before they arrive!


Chris said...

You do have knitter friends! We're just inconveniently located. :) Going to that "knit therapy" thing today will probably be great for meeting local knitters.

Your earrings are great! I can't believe those are the first you've made.

Laura said...

Your earrings came out really great - they'll look so nice on you! What kind of place do you work? A big discount craft store like HobbyLobby? I don't know what the Canadian chains are.

Finding knitting friends through your LYS is easier when you actually like the shop owner. My LYS owner is a little hard to get to know but the more I visit the nicer she is getting. I'm not sure she has ANY classes but she does always have tea available (no quaint little cafe though). Maybe when my baby is a little bigger I can go spend time at the shop some mornings knitting and chatting and get to know her a little better.

Lolly said...

You've got knitter friends right here, baby!

LOVIN' those earrings! They are beautiful ;)