Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yay for Summy!

Yay for Knitters Tea Swap 2!! I signed up for this a few days ago and they are already at 150 swappers. Only 200 will be allowed so if you want in you better sign up now!

Thank you all for your concern about Summer. She is back at mum and dad's now and I miss her something awful. She gets soooo excited to see dad though so I know she's doing well where she is. I finally got the results today from the vet and it was only a benine (sp) tumor so nothing to worry about. She said that it could grow back in the same spot, usually if they do grow back its much slower than before but it does not have any risk of spreading. So all in all she's gonna be ok *grins* Moose had to bandage her up before she left to go home though as she tried to scratch the wound and made is start to bleed with her nail. Its healing up nicely now but apparently she's still trying to scratch it. Dad put talcum powder on it today to hopefully easy the itch for her.

I STILL don't have a camera :( I'm gonna have to get it sorted asap. I finished my jungle socks and I've started another pair in the Lorna's Lace I got while I was in Boston, I am loving the colour so far.

Today I also ripped out the tank by saunshine that I finished but it turned out waaayyyyyy to small. I plan to cast on for that soon as well as another OSW possibly with sleeves.

Its only 2 more weeks till Common Ground in Unity, Maine and I'm hopping excited!!! I can't waiiiit! I'm also going to have a little stop in at Yarn Goods Center in Waterville and hopefully find some goodies!

My good friend Miss Laura is starting a knitalong for the KnitPicks Palette Fair Isle Cardigan. If you are interested in joining or know someone who would give Laura a shout, she'll be glad of the knitting company :)

I'm ready ready ready to knit sweaters and cardi's for winter. I've got sooooo many ideas in mind but I really need to gather my thoughts and figure out what is at the top of the list. Then maybe I can pick something up in Maine. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


irishmama said...

Glad Summer is doing good, I'm ready for the cooler weather too.

Shelley said...

So glad that Summer is doing well! I bet it's a relief for you to find out it was benign!

I know of someone doing the Knit Picks Fair Isle. I'll be sure to let her know about your friends KAL.

I've started a KAL myself too (my first one ever). It's nothing as spectacular as that cardigan though. Mine is for mittens ( and if you or anyone you know is interested all knitters are welcome to join!

Chris said...

Oh, so glad to hear the good news about Summer! Looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you have a camera again. Just two weeks?? *countdown*

Laura said...

Yay for Summer!!! I know you must miss her but I'm sure you're so happy that she'll be bouncing around again soon. :)

Thanks for the shout-out about my KAL - it kinda sounds like maybe there will be more than two of us actually knitting that sweater! Yay!

I'm so happy that you got in on the Knitters Tea Swap - I decided not to do it this time - I'm up to my neck in "stuff to do" and with Christmas knitting on the horizon.... no.... no swaps for me right now. :)

margene said...

Enjoy your weekend. It's good to hear things are OK for Summer.

Jeanne said...

Good news about Summer. I've already started my first sweater of the new sweater knitting season.

Amy said...

glad that Summer is doing so well. I can't wait to see the jungle socks.

The Crafty Weasel said...

YEY YEY YEY - I'm doing the happy dance for Summer!! Bayou says Woof Woof and sends lickies!!!

KnitYoga said...

Fantastic news about Summer. I'm so happy and relieved for you!

Annarella said...

Oh, that's so good to hear about Summer, a gigantic weight must have been lifted from your shoulders!

Hope you're having a fab weekend xxx