Thursday, September 21, 2006

All is well!

YAYYYYY!! I gots me a toy to play with!
We are all doing fine and dandy here in Celtic Ville, a little tired but good.
Yesterday I finally got a camera to replace my broken one. I've only had about an hour tops to play with it so far but I love it, the neighbours can expect to see me lying in the driveway, hanging from trees or standing on the roof, you know wherever I can get a good picture! I love this thing and can't wait to capture some moments from the Common Grounds Fair this weekend.
We are leaving tomorrow morning and hoping to be there by lunch time to check out the sites. I'm meeting up with Dianna and hopefully Amy Boogie at some point this weekend. I am sooo glad for the break from work, I need to just get out in the good ole fresh air and enjoy the fair.

Now tomorrow is Moose's BDay!!! I can't help but get excited for these things. I like everything to be a secret and then bounce around trying not to let it all out until the big day. He already got his gifts from both sets of parents so that just leaves me :) ohhhhh one more sleep! Who says birthdays are just another day when you get old...... phoey! Its all excitement in Celtic Ville.

Don't forget the Tweeding Along KAL starts in TWO days! You can join at any time so don't be shy, grab some tweed and come join us.

So you my get a post or two from the road but I'll leave you with a few Autumn pics I took this evening. It definately has arrived!

Now it wouldn't be a photo op without taking a picture of my best Model!
* &@#$@@ I thought I put enough sand in there to break that thing*


Chris said...

A-ha! It was Sockies - how tricky!! Great pictures of the fall colors. And have fun this weekend!!

Oh yeah - Happy Birthday, Moose!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Moose!!

Beautiful fall pictures with your new camera Kelly - have fun at the fiber fest!

Annarella said...

Beautiful pictures! The autumn colours are just the most amazing, aren't they?

Happy Birthday to Moose! :)

Amy said...

have a great trip enjoy the new camera

irishmama said...

Happy birthday Moose. Congrats on your new camera. Love the fall pictures, and of course the one of Sockies

margene said...

Have a great trip and make sure all three of you give each other hugs from me! Wish I could be there, too. Happy Birthday to the Moose! He's lucky to have you;-)

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday to Moose!

I just saw your comment tonight on my post about stitch markers (the first one). I got my split rings at Michael's - course I got all my supplies at Michael's...I wouldn't know where else to look, except maybe Wal-Mart or something - don't know if Zellers would have something like that in their craft section or not...

The pictures are great! Hope you have a great trip!!

Jeanne said...

Sockies is so cute...and very tricky.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ah, another comment that blogger refused to post - in any case, belated happy birthday Moose!!! :-)