Sunday, July 16, 2006


Just little old me having a freak attack over here!
So nanny and granda are supposed to be here well they aren't and here's where it gets interesting!
Mum and dad left for Halifax yesterday to pick them up that night as their flight was coming in at 6 or so and then I was going to go down and see them today being my day off.
Well it isn't quite going that way. Apparently they have to add some part to the plane in glasgow and were going to do it right then and there so the flight was cancelled and rebooked for the next day. Thats fine! Mum calls after 2, when the flight was supposed to come in and still no flight its now been delayed till tomorrow morning! So they we are assuming are in a hotel again!
Nanny and Granda will be up to a hundred I'm sure. They need assistance as it is so I'm sure this is just freaking them out. Zoom airlines doesn't seem to know who I can contact about where they put them up so I've been trying to find a number or something. I got a list of hotels from my friend in Scotland that are the airport hotels and have been calling them but I've had no luck yet.
ARGGGGG!!!! This is sooooo frustrating!
I just tried the last number I had but they aren't there!
Fingers crossed they are on that flight tomorrow!


Laura said...

Oh no! I hope they show up safe and sound. :)

Amy said...

how dreadful..hope the arrive soon and safe

Becky said...

Oh no! Sending good thoughts that your grandparents travels smooth out...

Kelly said...

So Frustrating, I hope they arrive safely and not to stressed out!

Chris said...

Did they make it today?!

irishmama said...

Did they make it yet.Your kitchen looks great.