Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ok ok they have arrived thank goodness but not before some more worrying and running around. The flight was delayed not one but TWO days! So in order to make sure they were alright I called the glasgow airport hotels in order to speak with them but with no luck. So we had to wait until the next day with fingers crossed hoping they were on the next plane. They were due to arrive in at 9am. Mum and dad had stayed in Halifax both nights as its a 4 hr drive back here. Then of course the 9am was delayed and they weren't coming in until 3pm. I found this out by calling zoom on my breaks at work. I'd left messages for mum and dad to call when the plane came in but hadn't heard anything yet. So at 3:30 I still hadn't heard anything. Called zoom AGAIN! delayed until 4pm. argggggg this was getting a little rediculous! At 4:30 i get home from work and get a call from mum saying we have your nanny and granda PHEW!!!!!
Talk about a frenzy! I'm glad they were on the plane and got here safely. Mum then tells me that instead of staying at the glasgow airport hotels they take them all the way out to Edinburgh to stay...... and the plane that was coming from glasgow to halifax went all the way to ottawa, dropped off people and then came back to halifax. They flew right over us for goodness sake!
Anyway they are here, all is good. This mishap has given me some extra time for nannies socks thank goodness. Since I don't have a day off during the week this week, I won't see them till the weekend, which means a whole weeks extra knitting time woot woot! I'm on sock number 2 now and just about to start the heel. I should have no problem finishing them before saturday!

Now in other knitting news, because of all the delays I decided to pick up and sew my Ruby tank together. Well................ it took all of saturday to sew it up, I wanted it to be just right and sewing up as you know is not something I enjoy. So at about 8pm I whip off the shirt and try it on.................. First thing I learn this week, my boobs are bigger than I thought..... not exactly a bad thing I suppose but IT IS WHEN YOUR FINISHED TANK DOESN'T FIT!!!!!
To put it mildly I took like a hooker thats trying to flaunt something. Instead of the front sides covering half my boobs and then layering with another tank underneath it covers NONE of my boobs. It goes right around then so my boobs are basically just sticking out! AHHHHH!!!
Well apparently I'm an xs in this pattern EXCEPT my boobs! Well FRIG!
Now I'm not so sure what size to knit. Obviously I've gotta take the whole thing appart, I do want to make the body longer as I have a longer torso but what if I make the small and it still doesn't fit my boobs. I don't want to make the medium and then the tank be too baggy.
I'm off to work on my lace in the quiet before Moose gets up!


irishmama said...

Glad they arrived safely. The socks look great, I love the color. I want to see a picture of the tank.

Chris said...

I'm glad they finally got here safely!! And I'm sure you'll get those lovely socks done in time.

I have had some very similar experiences with tanks and other knitted items. Measure yourself at the largest point in your chest and then add or subtract ease. Subtract an inch if you want clingy, add 1-3 inches if you want loose.

I think what's really tricky is that, for example, I wear a 36 B/C bra. But the 36 is actually my ribcage, not my chest. My chest is 39". Does that help??

Donna said...

Your sock is very pretty. Glad you'll have time to finish it! So sorry to hear about the tank. Total bummer! I like things fitted also and have a bit of the same problem as you do. What I do sometimes is knit the size to fit my chest but I either don't cast on as many stitches to start or I don't do any increases until it gets closer to the bust line, so that the waist is smaller. Hope that helps!

Amy said...

when ever I make a tank or anything sleeveless I make the front 1 - 2 sizes bigger but I don't adjust the length I use the same length as the back, this way I'm all covered! :)

Glad everyone is safe

Laura said...

Oh goodness - thank heaven they finally showed up. And your Nanny's socks look SO GREAT! Is that the pattern I used for sockapaloooza? Simple Cable Sock or something like that? Beautiful color - it looks awesome.

And the tank. heh Well, I don't know what to tell ya. When I was knitting Calliope I thought for sure it was going to be a boob shower but after I put the neck edge finishing on it changed everything.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Thanks so much for your email - I will write soon. I am so gald you grandparents arrived safely, finally!! As for the vest - that is my biggest fear EVERYTIME - that what I'm knitting won't fit!!!!
Can you re-do the front?

KnitNana said...

Love those blue socks! And what a PITA about the sweater...but you're braver than I - I've never dared to knit a sweater!