Saturday, July 15, 2006

Find this blog!

I was on a blog the other day, not sure how I got there but it was probably through someone's comments or something. Anyway to make a long story short I can't remember the blog and since it was probably someone's blog that comments here I'm hoping you can help.
It was a british blog, this leads me to believe it was Annarella's comments I entered from but can't seem to find it. The girl was from london and she had made a toddlers sweater with the england football flag on it. White sweater with red line vertically and then horizontial. She had then given the pattern for the sweater and I'd really like to find it again. I've revamped the Callum sweater and had a new idea. So if this sounds familiar to anyone can you point me in the right direction plllllllease!

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KnitYoga said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment on my blog. The blog you're looking for will be Rain's blog at