Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #4

Well since I missed challenge 2 and skipped challenge 3 I feel its time for me to get back into the challenges again!
So here we are Challenge #4.
This is what we were asked of us this week : Is your camera feeling abandoned, neglected, and ignored after the poetry challenge? Do you find bad pictures of yourself showing up all over the internet and wonder how they got there? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Challenge #4 has just the answer. Get ready to take some photos!Your question: If you bound off your lace RIGHT NOW - what could it be used for?
Your challenge: One photo of your lace in a reasonable approximation of its potential use at this very momeny posted to your blog (or photohosting account) by midnight EDT (UTC -4:00), July 16

If I were to bind off my lace right now it of course would become.....................

KITTY SHAWL! The perfect accents for our furry friends.

Are you tired of looking at only fur???
Do you think your pet needs a little sprucing up???
Kitty Shawl is the answer!
As you know cats love to be pampered and Kitty shawl has that cute accent your cat is looking for. Now we don't want our pets to look over the top but kitty shawl is sooo elegant and classic your cat can wear it for years to come.
Its also interchangeable, worn buttoned in the front or swept around the shoulders your cat will surely thank you .

We took kitty shawl to the streets and asked consumers what they though!

Sockies : Well as you can see above I look absoutley DAAAAAAAAAAlin in it. I can't see why anyone would hesitate after seeing it on me.

Well there you have it folks! Kitty shawl, classic accents for classic cats!


Chris said...

I love it!! Much, much more classy than bibs. :D

Amy said...

how do I order one :)!

Laura said...

I think you've started the NEXT HOT THING!! If only I had a kitty! :)

Very very cute and clever response to the challenge!

Mintyfresh said...

Aw, so cute!

Kelle said...

I'd have my doubts about putting a shawl on my cat, cat claws and lace shawls = not so good. Beside that, he's a dude and would never stand for it. It does make a nice ruff for your kitty though. Nice work on the lace. - Making a "Pit Stop" on the Amazing Lace. (When did Kelly become such a common name?Three of mine are named Kelly.)