Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sheet Rock City

Moose has been working up a storm on the soon to be bathroom downstairs. Sheetrock and crack filling is done, next will be sanding and then slapping some paint on there.
Moose plans on getting it done before we leave..... I don't know that it can be done but we will see. Where *you ask* has Sock been while all this has been going on???

* This sheetrock stuff's for the birds!!! I think its about time for my 20th nap of the day.*

So I was talking to Moose just after I got home from work tonight.

Moose: Sooo I was on your blog today!

Me : Where ya??

Moose: Yeah but I don't think I know how to work it right cause I could only get last weeks post to come up..... or was that your last post??

Me : Yeah I think that was my last one

Moose: Geez what kind of blogger are you??? LAST WEEK???

Way to make me feel guilty :( I've been meaning to post for days but it just hasn't happened. So here's the post !

Speaking of Moose. He has this facination of buying things in bulk. Now I know you're probably saying yeah bulks good. Buy bulk cereal so you don't have to buy a teeny weeny box every two days but Moose's bulk purchases are jsut plain WEIRD. I come home the other day, Moose had picked up a few things, butter was something we needed but it wasn't the NORMAL container of butter NOOOOOOO it was a MASSIVE ,will take us a year to use it all tub of butter. He also picked up some dishwasher powder..... a mammoth PAIL of dishwasher powder and I'm not even going to go into the shampoo jug he brought home one day. He thinks its the greatest thing in the world and looks sooo smug when he finds a new bulk purchase. PLEASE tell me I'm not alone in my thoughts of CRAZINESS!!!!

For weeks now I've been telling Moose there was a mouse in the wall in the basement. He laughed and told me there can't be a mouse in the way cause its cement and there would be nowhere for him to get in. Fair enough but there was SOMETHING in that wall. Sock and I would be sitting at the computer and I'd hear it walking along behind the plastic vapour barrier. Even Sock heard it and continued to stare at the wall. All this happened of course while moose wasn't here. Of the course of the next couple of weeks, i'd hear the mouse in different places and on different walls. Everytime I heard it I'd let moose know I'd heard the mouse again, got laughed at and told there wasn't a mouse in the wall. By the weekend I was tired of telling him there was a mouse and just accepted it. Monday evening I called Moose before I got home from work and he said I caught the mouse in the wall today. My reply was YOU DID!!!! I TOOOOOLLLLLD YOU THERE WAS A MOUSE! WHO WAS RIGHT???? WHO WAS RIGHT????? To which he replied You and Sock were right. lol I love it when i'm right. Mr. Mouse is now in heaven, bless his little heart, I told him he should have taken him over to the pit and let him off there but it was too late by the time I talked to him.

I'm loving having my sunday's off. The past few weekends I've been able to go to church, hang with moose and get lots of knitting done. I finished sleeve two sunday and started one of the front's this week. As you can see not much has progressed this week so far but I'm hoping to get some good progress on the weeekend.
Project Spectrum starts tomorrow. I didn't sign up for this one. Last PS I always ended up not having the colours and not being finished projects before the next colour starts so this time if I happen to be knitting the same colour as that month,great, if not then i'll continue with what I"m doing. I have to keep it down to the two projects remember!


Chris said...

Wow, you guys are really getting a lot done!! Oh well, Mr Mouse would've come back in with all of his friends, so..... Hey, the nice thing about PS this time is each bunch of colors is two months - less pressure. Whew!

Ren said...

you shouldn't feel bad about not blogging in a week... some weeks are just like that!

my dad likes to buy in bulk sometimes, too. for christmas, he bought me a two-pound can of cashews. they are pretty tasty, at least. : )

Laura said...

heh Love the mouse story! When you have the new bathroom downstairs maybe I need to come visit YOU!!! :)

Bulk stuff - butter, yes. Dish powder, yes. Shampoo - NO! GAH. There's nothing I hate more than having a LIFETIME SUPPLY of shampoo. Sometimes a girl wants to try something different but I'm all about using up what I have before letting myself get MORE! That's how I can have such a tiny yarn stash ya know. heh

Jeanne said...

Well, maybe you could send Moose down here to do some sheetrocking for me...if he's bored, ya know.

Michael loves buying in bulk too, because then we have to shop for those items less frequently. i'm Ok with most if it, but have to agree that bulk shampoo is a big no-no. I get bored with my shampoo and need a change.

The sweater looks good so far. You are almost there!

Amy said...

yeah that's a lot of butter, sockies looks so cute on that wondeful resting place

Peg said...

Drywall - that is about the only job my DH and I nearly came to a divorce over - he likes bulk too, and he got the biggest sheets possible, and I had to help hold them onto the ceiling while he screwed them in place! We will never do that together again - some jobs you just pay someone else to do in our house!
The sweater is looking great!

Shelley said...

Ok...I have the PERFECT solution for you and Moose's bulk buying tell him that he can continue to buy his stuff in bulk only if you can buy your YARN in bulk! And your bulk doesn't have to be all the same kind or colour...hehehe.

The Crafty Weasel said...

LOL LOL In a sadistic way, I love renovations and I miss them (we now rent). I can't wait to have a house!!! :-)

Go Moose, go!