Wednesday, January 24, 2007

knitting bags and mail!

In two weeks and four days I'm going on VACATION!!!!!!
I'm finally using my vacation time and going away. I'd stand on my head for two weeks straight if it mean't getting a break from work.
Soooo in honour of going away, it was of course time to find a knitting /carry on bag. I wanted a bag that was big enough to carry a knitting project and my essentials but not too big that it was heavy and hard to lug around. I also wanted something in the way of a messenger bag to take with me when we are out, handbags while on vacation just aren't practical for me. I need something I can throw over my head and forget about. I had looked at the messenger knitting bags on Scout's Swag but i really don't have a hundred bucks to shell out on a bag right now.*more on that later* So after a little search in the mall and one patient...... or not so patient Moose I found the bag I was looking for. Its green, its the perfect size and the strap is easily converted to a messenger style or hand bag and did I mention its GREEN????? What could be better???

I also found a cute little notions holder in the clearance section at zellers. Its actually a five star pencil case but the cool thing about it is that it stands upright. All your notions, pens, highlighters, stitch markers fit inside, the top half zips open and it still stands upright beside you on the table while you work. And the best part ITS GREEN!

My Anniversary present arrived today! If you'll remember I was getting Moose sock blockers.
Here they are in all their glory! I of course had to pop a sock on for show. These may be the ladies small but when I put the sock on the block it made my sock look huge!

The first sleeve is complete! Now I get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN! *throws confetti*

We are back at the reno's again on the house. We have some flooring, painting, trim in two rooms, and transforming another room into a bathroom before we can put it up for sale. Its going to be alot of work in the next month or two but it will all be worth it :)


Dave Daniels said...

A vacation? Where are you off to?
Those are cute sock blockers. I have the same pair. Well, they ARE moose/mooses (what is the plural of moose, anyway?).
And for messenger bags, if you want to shell out some big $$$, you can get a nice Domke camera messenger bag. Those hold EVERYTHING. But, you know, for the future. ;)

Chris said...

Hey, my very favorite knitting bag is an outdoor gear bag. :D That pencil holder is clever! And your moose blockers are really cool.

Where are you going on vacation?

Ren said...

oooh, cool bags!

vacation! i want a vacation! says the girl who just had nearly a month off school! : )

Miss Purl said...

The moose sock blockers are sooo cute.

Nice sock!

Just strolling blogs.

Pat said...

I got size "Small" sock blockers too and they are TOO small (they should have been perfect according to shoe size)
Super knitting bag...Where are you going?

Laura said...

AWW! I wish you were coming to Kansas on that vaca. :(

Every girl needs a good (GREEN) bag - or ten! hehe All those pockets will come in handy! And OH my gosh I can't believe you're doing all those renos to SELL the house?? I didn't know that! Are you planning to build one when its sold?

I know you're counting the minutes until your vacation. :) xoxox

Laura said...

OH! I wanted to ask what sock pattern that is? Is that your Anne yarn? Am I forgetting what socks those were? I like the pattern.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Woot Woot! HOLIDAY! :-)
Ohhh love the greeness of the bag! You gotta love big bags!!

Oh yey for the sleeve! And those sock blockers are just too cute! I'd hang them as decoration and change socks every week! Heh heh heh!

Jeanne said...

Yay! Vacation! Where are you going? You're almost done with that Tweed. May you have better luck with your's than I had with mine. 8-)

Rebekah said...

Oh I love the bag, it looks absolutely perfect.

KnitterBunny said...

Go Twinny! Take a vacay for both of us. :)

Totally coveting the messenger bags at Scout's too. ;)

irishmama said...

Where ar you going, have a great time. I love the bag. The socks look great. I'm with you on the renovation, we have wood paneling in our living room and cottage cheese ceiling and we are planning on removing it all ourselves and putting up new walls.

Rachel said...

You must tell us where you're going, and if it's someplace warm and sunny, I hope you'll rub it in so I won't feel so guilty about having done so to my readers. :)

Love the new knitting bag, and the upright notions holder is perfect!

Kelly said...

The bog looks like the perfect size!