Tuesday, January 23, 2007

chugging along in the cold!

I saw the cutest picture on a blog today, wanna see??? CUTENESS
Thats Gangles, one of Kristi's twin boys! If you'll remember there was a virtual baby shower for Kristi and tons of people knit an item or two for the wee baabies. So i'm checking bloglines and click on Kristi's blog and BAM! There is the cutest little baby wearing a sweater I knit for him. That picture says it all! Its soo exciting to see your own handknits on someone else. I had the biggest grin the whole time I was reading her post. Thank you Kristi for taking the time to photograph and post gangles! You made my day!

So today at work I had a 2 x 4 entire grid filled with product fall on my thumb at work. Talk about huuuuuurt! Thankfully it wasn't broken, just have a pulsing thumb and a big purple blood blister right by my cuticle. It definately hurt when it dropped but all I could think about was, if its broken I hope they only cast my thumb that way I can still knit, cause if they cast my hand I'll go CRAZY!

Saturday I cast on for my first sleeve of the tweedy aran cardi. Its k1 p1 with a cable going up the middle. I must admit I like k1 p1, but this sleeve just doesn't want to end. I'm not even up to the arm pit and i'm banging my head against the wall. I keep thinking in the back of my mind, "And there's still ANOTHER ONE to go" I'm going to work on it tonight and try to get some more done tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers that I will have it done in the next few days.

We've been having some fun with Sock :) Now I read blogs with cats wearing preemie hats, and bibs and socks and you name it they're wearing it. Not this cat, if you even THINK about putting something on her she's gone. Last night however Moose slipped a chocolate wrapper on her head without her knowing *hehe*
*Hi Mum!! Why do you have the camera out, i'm just sitting on dad??*

She caught on to what we were up to when we put another one up there.
* oh yeah..... funny guy huh! Hurry up take the picture, then GET THIS OFF MY HEAD!!!*


Rebekah said...

Oh that was the cutest picture of Gangles and the best sweater yet I've seen him wear.

the cat looks seriously annoyed.


Peg said...

That is one cute baby and the sweater is just perfect! It does make a knitter happy when something is worn that you knit!

Jeanne said...

It is nice to get a picture of something you knit actually getting worn, is it not? Sockies makes me laugh. Silly cat.

Ren said...

glad to hear your thumb isn't broken and i hope it feels better quickly!

your cat-wrapper game reminds me a little bit of kristi's sticker-on-dog-head game from a few months back. animals are too funny! : )

kristi and otis said...

It's a great sweater - thanks for taking the time to knit it and all the other generous knits ;)

Chris said...

That was SUCH a cute sweater on Gangles!! LOL at the picture of Sockie - she is going to make you pay!

Laura said...

Oh that last picture of Sockies is priceless!!! hehehe Too Funny!

What a precious sweater on Gangles! I know they just love having all those cute knits to put on the babies. :)

KnittenKnots said...

I love the color of your aran sweater - that red is so nice! Ribbed sleeves are definitely hard to get through though so I feel your pain. Pics of the cat are hilarious - he has that knowing "Oh brother, the things I have to put up with" look on his face in the last one that my cats give me all the time!!

Shelley said...

The baby is so adorable...love the sweater you made him!

LOL @ Sock...that last pic he sure doesn't look impressed at all! My cat is the same way...she doesn't like anything on her...unless it's a plastic bag that she can lick...