Wednesday, February 07, 2007

3 more shifts till Vacay!!!

*insert crazy happy dance*
3 more shifts, ohhhhh yeahhhh baby 3 more shifts and I'm outta there for 2 whole weeks!!!!!
I'm just a little excited. Its been a year and a half with no vacation so this is wellllllll overdue!

Lots has been going on here at CelticCastOn. Trying to finish up the bathroom before we leave, packing and putting together some packages for Cuban's. Add on top of that normal work, giving some kitty love and Phew! we definately need a vacation.
The bathroom is coming along, I have my doubts as to whether EVERYTHING will be finished before we leave. Moose has pretty much done everything in the bathroom by himself due to his shifts and days off. Usually I am the painter but when I came home from work last week he had it primed and painted so there goes my job. The rest really was plumbing, which I would be absolutely no help with. I did, however, get all the trim for the 4 rooms we will be redoing done, its alot of door casings and trim let me tell ya. Here's a shot of the shower installed.

On the knitting front everything is basically at a stand still. There's just no time to knit this week. The Tweedy Aran Cardi has been put in the WIP basket until we come back and not a stitch has been knit since last week.
I have however been getting some knitting ready for Cuba. The only knitting i'm taking is a sock project. I doubt I'll get any other knitting done during the week but the sock should be enough to fulfill my knitting craving.
A new toy arrived on Monday that i've been *not so patiently* awaiting. Its a walnut yarn swift handmade by the folks at Knitting Notions.

I first found out about these when Heidi had one on her blog and was receiving one from her fab hubby for her anniversary present. I've been saying for a swift for a while but hadn't found one that I was in LOVE with. I was set on getting an umbrella swift until I saw this swift and read the benefits of having a table top one.

1) Its dark walnut, I loooooove dark wood

2) It has many dowel holes on each arm for different size skeins to fit onto. Also great if your yarn shrinks a bit.

3) It takes seconds to put it together and take it apart. No need to worry about this big umbrella and where to store it.

4) It comes with a fabulous bag to keep all the parts together and store.

5) Its handfinished! They use tung oil and linseed oil and a layer of paste wax on top. Its soooo silky smooth, no need to worry about your yarn snagging.

I could go on! I Immediately ripped into the box when it can and gave it a spin. Its friggin fabulous!!! I kept saying LOOK MOOSE!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!

It was so quick, in a matter of minutes I had a freshly wound ball ready for a little trip to Cuba.

* Yarn is Scouts Appletini!*

Thanks for all your suggestions on patterns. I love all that you have suggested but didn't think they would work well with the yarn I chose from my stash. Were Appletini is varigated I didn't want to do anything lacey or with alot of pattern for fear of not being able to see the pattern too well. I did find a pattern that I think will work with the yarn. Its Sarah's free pattern called Honey of a hurricane socks. I seems easy enough so here's hoping!!

Must go get ready for work *sigh* ohhhh i soo want to cast on for those!!


Rebekah said...

Oh vacation that sounds so nice. Your going to have such a fabulous time.

I love those swfits, when my current swift breaks that's the next kind I'm getting.

Could you e-mail me at, I for the life of me can't find your e-mail address.

Thanks for being willing to make some squares.

Margene said...

Lucky you! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! It sounds SO exciting.

Laura said...

I'm sure you'll have fun with the Appletini yarn and the minutes will fly by until you're ready to go to CUBA! Be sure to take lots of pictures during the trip! :)

Chris said...

That swift is AWESOME - lucky you!! Have a great time in Cuba - take lots of pictures for us!!

Amy said...

have a great time, I am sooo jealous. Love the winder, I think I'll be saving to get one

Dave Daniels said...

I KNOW I don't have to tell you to take photos.
And that Moose sure is handy. The bathroom is moving along quite nicely.
And walnut is one of my most fovorite woods, along with cherry. Looking forward to more info about your new swift, I've been wanting one of those for a while now.

Ren said...

have a safe and wonderful trip!!! we'll want to hear all about it! : )

what a pretty swift, too!

irishmama said...

Have a great vacation

Jeanne said...

That swift is great. You could also use it for winding yarn in such a way as to dye it self striping. Have a great trip.

Kayt said...

OMG I love that appletini colorway!!!! I need it. I can not see how it turns out for you.